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We left England in August 2004 in search of adventure. We had sold our house, put our furniture in storage and booked a gite for two weeks. We loaded and hitched the trailer to the Land Rover and headed for Portsmouth with our three children - the youngest seven months old. No house, no plan, rusty O'level French and a trampoline.

We had spent hours discussing where to live in France and had made many reconnaissance trips. The weather ruled out the north. We wanted mountains and sea. The Atlantic or the Mediterranean? A holiday on Long Island made the decision for us. We needed body/surf boarding waves. It had to be the SW. We also needed to be close to a large city. Bordeaux.

We rented for the first year and bought a house in September 2005, 10 minutes from St Emilion. No mountains, and over an hour from the sea but right in the heart of a one of the world's greatest wine appellations.

And so here we are - six years on - still loving it, exploring it and learning about it.

Over these last years we have introduced and shared the products we discover visiting markets and châteaux with friends and family. They like them so much that they have strongly encouraged us to turn our passion for life here into a business; and many of the people we have bought from have become good friends and are thrilled with the idea of exporting their delice de France to the UK, especially through one of our tasting events which is very much the French way!

That being said we are not aiming to be yet another online wine superstore. We are keen to bring you a slice of life in SW France, somewhere you can buy great wine, food and gifts. Or just to return for the latest information on places to visit, regional events, music festivals, news and recipes, to re-order, or just to escape to France for a few minutes.

Richard and Fiona