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Flavoured Wine Vinegars & Wine Salt Gift Bag

Perfect gift for your foodie friends or in your own kitchen, this jute bag contains three vinegars  - Sémillon Apricot, Provencal Raspberry, and Lemon - and a wine salt, all made by French artisans.

Wine Salt - large hand harvested crystals from the Île de Ré infused with red wines and spices. 160g

Sémillon Apricot Vinegar  - a sweet and sour wine vinegar made with 49% sémillon grape juice - delicious on its own, as a fat free salad dressing, with oil for a vinaigrette, in chicken recipes, to deglaze a pan, or add to a sauce. 100% natural ingredients. 100ml

Provençal Raspberry Vinegar - an intensely fruity vinegar containing 41% raspberry, enhances the flavour of duck, pork, sauces, and summer fruit puddings. Perfect to deglaze a pan, or to make a delicious vinaigrette. 100ml

Lemon Vinegar - a zingy vinegar that is made for oysters and fish, add it just before you serve, or use it as a lemon substitute on anything from fish fingers to sugared pancakes. 100ml

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