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box of 3 half-bottles
(£14.99 a bottle)

Château La Rame 2003

During the French Revolution, la Rame - 'the Rock' in old French - was the property of the Baron of Vertheuil, Govenor of the Ile d'Oleron and Lord of La Rame. It is cited as the oldest Cru and the most famous of the appellation. A gold medal winner at the Universal Exhibition in Bordeaux 1895 and Paris in 1900, it was considered at the beginning of the century as a First Classified Growth by the buyers and wine merchants of Bordeaux. The current incumbent is Olivier Armand-Allo. Olivier also makes a blend of sémillon and sauvignon as a second wine, called 'Sublime' which is supplied to Waitrose.

AOC Region: This village lies to the South of Loupiac, again situated on the banks of the Garonne. It lies upon a plateau of fossilised oyster beds. For the wines to qualify for the appellation they must be made from Sémillon, Muscadelle, Sauvignon Blanc and Sauvignon Gris grapes.The best of the wines in this appellation are considered an affordable alternative to the famously expensive wines produced on the other side of the river in Sauternes and Barsac.

Terroir: 20 hectares stretch down to the river Garonne. Chalk and clay slopes with a subsoil of fossilised oysters from the tertiary period.
Wine-making: The grapes are are 100% Sémillon, and are hand harvested over a period of weeks, the experienced pickers only select the over ripe grapes affected by botrytis.
The grapes are brought to the press within two hours of harvesting. They are smoothly and slowly pressed into a thick juice. After the wine starts to settle the must will ferment for 2-3 weeks at a controlled temperature of between 20-23 C. After two years, some of that time spent in oak barrels, the wine will be bottled.

Bottle size: 37.5cl
Tasting notes: The 2003 is a bright straw colour, a discreet nose, on the palate ample with citrus, apricots and marmalade balanced by a refreshing acidity. Great as an aperitif, with foie gras, blue cheeses, roast chicken and pork. This wine is simply stunning and is far better than many of it's neighbours over the river.

Type Sweet White wine / Appellation Sainte-Croix-Du-Mont / Style Sweet & Unctious
Food pairing: Fois Gras, Cheese, Poultry, White Meat