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box of 3 bottles
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750ml bottle
(£34.50 a bottle)

Mas Amiel Vintage Charles Dupuy 2007

This exceptional dark crimson Mas Amiel is made Portuguese style - the grapes are not crushed in a press, but with bare feet to extract all of the richness of the black grenache grapes. The wine is aged in new oak and is not filtered.

Simply the best and most renowned of the appellation, Mas Amiel was bought by Olivier Decelle out of his passion for this wine. He and his team have lavished attention on all aspects of the Domaine from the rootstock to the labels. We have the largest collection of these wines in the UK going back as far as 1969.

AOC Region: The 1700 hectare appellation surrounds the village of Maury, in the Roussillon wine region of France. Almost all the wines produced are red, made from at least 75% Grenache Noir grapes. The mature grapes are rich with sugar. The soil here is rich and black and the vines benefit from sunshine 280 days a year. Maury wines are made in a similar way to port, 'Mutage' is the addition of alcohol to stop fermentation, the timing of this is important so the wines retain their sweetness, but unlike port no Cognac is added 10% grape spirit is used instead, so the percentage alcohol of the finished wine is usually 16%.
Terroir: An exceptional terroir with southern exposure, the vines of Cabirou are situated directly under the Chateau Cathare of Quéribus, on decomposed schists. The grenache noir likes this meagre and hot terroir, the vines were planted in 1914.
Grape variety:  100% Grenache noir
Wine making: The grapes are harvested by hand and destemmed. Crushed with bare feet, fortified on the skins, followed by 30 days of maceration.
Tasting notes: Dark crimson in colour, with an amazing nose of blackberry jam, creme caramel, pepper and spices. In the mouth it is aromatic with a cherry and prune finish.

Type Sweet Red wine / Appellation Maury / Style Complex & Classy
Food pairing: Fois Gras